Old Fashioned Crazy Patch Wall Hanging

A Quilt by Lancaster Select
Dimensions: 21 inches wide by 21 inches long
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A classic little quilt that reminds one of the quilts you see in a museum!  The hand embroidery is just mesmerizing!  The hand quilting is fine as well.  Made by a Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Amish woman.  Has a sleeve on the back for hanging rod.

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If this quilt description does not mention a hanging sleeve, we can add one for you.

Please say here exactly what you want embroidered.

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  • Fabulous design! You won't find a quilt like this anywhere else! This quilt would look great used as a wall hanging, small throw or crib quilt. It's sure to impress. The very tiny hand quilted stitches are just unbelievable! Well made by an Amish woman from Pennsylvania.
  • Classic design!  Beautifully made by a Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Amish woman.  Excellent coloring, piecing and hand quilting. Will look amazing in a home or office!
  • A charming little wall hanging that will be perfect in your home or office!  The fabrics are authentically vintage!  Includes a sleeve for a hanging rod on the back.  Well made and hand quilted by a Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Amish woman.