Quilt Size Measurements

Is it the right size?

Side Drop

The Side Drop is the distance the quilts falls from the top of the bed (as shown below). The right amount is a matter of taste, but clearly should not be greater than the height of the bed (otherwise the edge of the quilt will be on the floor), and not less than the thickness of the mattress. We recommend that the side drop be half to three-quarters the bed height. For instance if your bed height is 24 inches, the side drop should be in the range of 12 to 18 inches, but a few inches more or less won’t be a problem.

Corner Drop

Because most quilts are rectangular the distance the quilt falls from the top of the bed in the corners is greater (41%) than the side drop. We recommend that the corner drop be in the range between two-thirds of the bed height to two inches greater than the bed height (the quilt corner touching the floor has a nice look!). For instance if the bed height is 24 inches, the corner drop should be in the range 16 inches to 26 inches. Again a few inches more or less won’t be a problem.

Pillow Fold Allowance

Most of the quilts we offer are made to cover cover bed pillows (folded or tucked under the pillow as shown below). To cover the pillows the quilt needs to longer than if the quilt was just intended to cover the bed top and sides. The extra amount of length required for the fold under and up to the top of the pillow is called the pillow fold allowance. For standard thickness pillows anything more than a 12 inch pillow fold allowance will work well. Less than a 10 inch allowance will not be enough. If the quilt is not long enough to cover your pillows, pillow shams may be used.

Pillow Shams

Many people like the the look of pillow shams on their quilt. Pillow shams are decorative pillow covers (available at stores that sell bed linens). Even if your quilt will cover your pillows you may want to consider the use of pillow shams.