C Jean Horst Special Orders

I am C Jean Horst and I have loved making special order quilts for customers since 1986 with the help of my Amish friends who hand quilt and sew for me.  

What quilts are available for special order?

If you would like any hand quilted quilt that is already marked special order because it was sold, please send us your request using the “Request Custom Quilt” on the product page. If the button does not exist on the page, that quilt is not available for special order. 

The following quilts are now available for special order in King or Queen sizes:

  • Double Wedding Ring quilts
  • Nine Patch Charm
  • Mariner’s Compass Star
  • Feather Dance

How Long Does it Take?

It takes us approximately 6 months to complete  your order after your deposit is received.

How it works

  1. After we receive your request and work together on colors and details, you will receive an invoice for the $300 deposit (check preferred, but Credit Card is accepted). Your special colors can be as simple as telling me you like a certain catalog number OR you can pick a pattern and suggest the colors you are aiming for by sending paint chips or fabric swatches etc. This is your quilt and you are the designer if you choose to be. But if you just love what you see but it is sold, then we will repeat it for you.
  2. Upon receipt of deposit, we will begin working on your custom quilt.
  3. We will contact you when it is finished and decide if you send a check or we use the credit card for the balance of the price of the quilt.
  4. We send you the quilt when we verify your address and a shipping date, adding postage of approximately $35 for east of the Mississippi and $60 for West of the Mississippi.

Will it be the same fabrics as what I see in the photo?

Fabrics will vary slightly since we will be buying current fabrics.  They often change almost every 3 months but I can easily find a close substitute.  Always happy to help.  Thanks your interest in our hand quilted quilts made by our Amish friends.