Hannah’s Story

In 1971 Hannah Stoltzfoos was a 35 year old Amish wife and mother when she got rheumatic fever. Her mother suggested she make Cross stitch quilt patches. She took her advice and made enough patches for 3 quilts. Her sister pieced them together and her mother quilted them. The time came to sell them and Hannah was told the quilts were all the wrong colors and they won’t sell. 

Hannah didn’t agree and put up a sign at the end of her farm lane in Lancaster County where lots of tourists drove past. She sold the quilts in no time at all. She made and consigned 20 more quilts with a variety of patterns and sold them in a very short time as well. Hannah realized she had a good thing going and has sold many quilts since. In nearly 50 years since then, she has sold and made THOUSANDS of quilts and MANY more wall hangings!! Hannah enjoys the challenge of making custom order quilts, as well as traditional patterns that are well loved by collectors and quilt lovers all over the world!

Hannah’s quilts are well known and loved for the high quality of workmanship and fine stitches. She has many quilts on consignment made by friends and family in Lancaster County. 

In September 2018, Hannah Stoltzfoos gave the quilt business to her namesake granddaughter Hannah Zook who was newly widowed with 5 children. Hannah has helped her grandmother in the quilt shop as a teenager. She is very talented with coordinating colors along with selecting beautiful fabrics and looks forward to continuing the attention to detail and art form her grandmother started years ago.

Hannah Stoltzfoos has recently passed away and has left a beautiful legacy. She enjoyed the relationships she had with her quilt customers and the many people that are privileged to have her beautifully designed heirloom quilts.

Hannah’s Quilts are chosen for their beauty and quality. They are made individually from concept to completion by Amish and Mennonite women. You will find a wide variety of patterns and colors. Each quilt is a one of a kind masterpiece and never mass produced. Most of the quilts originate from the farmhouse quilt store of Hannah Zook.