Amish Colors Quilts

Amish “plain” clothing is made with solid (usually dark) fabric that is black, or from the green, red, blue, purple part of the “color wheel” (no yellow or orange). Amish-colored quilts use these fabrics along with solid white and off white (light tan — sometimes called tea-stain, or paper-bag!). Most of these quilts use traditional designs along with traditional coloring. The quality of the quilting sets these quilts apart. to enable highest quilting a thin batting is traditionally used. We are very careful to show and offer only top quality very well made quilts.

Some of the quilts shown here are marked indicating that they are “available now” for shipment –we are usually able to ship quilts so marked no later than the next business day. Other quilts shown have been sold, but often we are able to find a very similar well-made quilt that can be shipped quickly. Alternatively we can arrange for a similar quilt to be custom made.

Take your time looking through this gallery, there is a lot to see. We try to show respects for the quilts and the quilters by properly showing them. If you have questions about any quilt, please call or write to us.

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  • Superb coloring with an attractive Ohio Star variation. Note all the fine quilting too. The quilt top was made by an Amish woman living in north eastern Indiana and the quilting was done by one of her Amish neighbors. Part of a collection she calls ‘Quilts Remembered’. Includes a sleeve for a hanging rod. Would make a great wall hanging or crib quilt.
  • Sharp traditional design! The star stands out brilliantly against the blue surround. The sash is forest green, and the border dark blue with bright red corner squares. Note the extra stars on the pillow fold. Made with thin batting and all-cotton fabric to give look and feel of an antique quilt. Well made by Lancaster Amish woman who has included her initials in the quilting.
  • Wow! What a terrific quilt. We love the Southwest colors combined with the combination of classic block designs. Will brighten your bedroom and your spirit. Made here in Lancaster by an Amish woman, who has included her initials in the quilting.
  • Stunning! An amazing bright eye popping quilt with Amish colors AND a traditional design. Very well pieced, excellent fabric selections. Made by an Amish woman here in Lancaster. Note the outstanding quilting
  • The color, shape and the dimension in this Tumbling Block displays C Jean Horst’s disciplined ability to arrange colors in a totally symmetrical way and yet produce a complex overall design. There are stars and three dimensional blocks, easy to spot with careful inspection. Also the blocks rotate around a small black star central to the quilt. The light colored top of each block moves as the blocks rotate around, forming a jagged circle. Perhaps the quilt gets its name from the multiple lines of symmetry that intersect and echo throughout, or possibly from the way the colored blocks seem to tumble out from the center black star. The quilting was done inside the blocks. Squint your eyes and enjoy a somewhat different view of this kaleidoscope of color. ! Magnificant office wall or foyer piece. 100% cotton fabrics. Sleeve has been added for hanging or it could be used as a throw. This has 8 hand quilted stitches per inch and is well quilted. 100% cotton fabrics !
  • A charming little quilt that is full of details. The fans are accented with perfect hand embroidery. The colors blend perfectly. The hand quilting is tiny and abundant. Exceptionally well made by an Amish lady living in northeastern Indiana and quilted by an Amish neighbor. The initials of both ladies are hand quilted into the design.
  • A bright and beautiful wall hanging! Border color is navy. Notice the amazing hand quilted stitches. Well made by a Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Amish woman. Included in the hand quilted design in one corner are the words, “Lanc, PA” and in another corner are the initials of it’s maker. Includes tabs for a hanging rod.
  • Perfect colors of navy, rust, olive, khaki and multi. The difficult piecework is done very well. The hand quilted stitches are tiny and even. Beautiful quilting designs. Excellent craftsmanship by a Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Amish woman. Includes a sleeve for a hanging rod. Will look amazing in your home or office. With it’s variety of colors, it will coordinate in any room.
  • Wonderful, brilliant coloring and unusual design! A great quilt that will look amazing in your home or office. The border is black. Well made by a Lancaster Amish woman who has included her initials in the hand quilting. Includes tabs for a hanging rod.
  • Great combination of Amish colors in a traditional, pleasing design. The colors really shine! The tiny patchwork piecing is very well done. The hand quilting is exceptional. Made by an Amish woman in her Lancaster County, Pennsylvania home. Includes tabs on the back for hanging. This quilt would make your home or office look fantastic!
  • “I wish I had a Teddy Bear to sit upon my knee…I’d take him with me everywhere to cuddle up with me.” This is a very special, one of a kind quilt featuring lots of perfect hand embroidery. A darling Teddy Bear is the center focal point of the quilt. Notice the wonderful hand quilting. Made by an Amish woman in her Lancaster County, Pennsylvania home.
  • Great antique style coloring. Very well made by local Amish woman. Border is dark Navy blue. Includes sleeve for a hanging rod
  • Wonderful subtle antique style coloring and unusual design! The border is Navy with a hint of purple. Well made by a Lancaster Amish woman. Includes tabs for a hanging rod.
  • A design that is unfortunately not often made today. The outer border is green, the outer star is black on a red background. The inner borders are purple and green. The inner star is red against a moss green background. Note the interesting, abundant quilting and the tiny stitching. Made by Lancaster Amish woman. Includes a sleeve for a hanging rod.
  • Wow, lovely bright coloring and look at all those little patchwork pieces! Twice as many patchwork pieces as a standard Lone Star wall hanging. Excellent quilting. Made by Lancaster Amish woman in her home. Includes a sleeve for a hanging rod.
  • An exceptionally fine Lone Star with wonderful fabrics and much smaller patchwork pieces than a standard Lone Star. Very good piecing and stitching by its local Amish woman maker. Includes tabs for a hanging rod.