Amish Colors Quilts

Amish “plain” clothing is made with solid (usually dark) fabric that is black, or from the green, red, blue, purple part of the “color wheel” (no yellow or orange). Amish-colored quilts use these fabrics along with solid white and off white (light tan — sometimes called tea-stain, or paper-bag!). Most of these quilts use traditional designs along with traditional coloring. The quality of the quilting sets these quilts apart. to enable highest quilting a thin batting is traditionally used. We are very careful to show and offer only top quality very well made quilts.

Some of the quilts shown here are marked indicating that they are “available now” for shipment –we are usually able to ship quilts so marked no later than the next business day. Other quilts shown have been sold, but often we are able to find a very similar well-made quilt that can be shipped quickly. Alternatively we can arrange for a similar quilt to be custom made.

Take your time looking through this gallery, there is a lot to see. We try to show respects for the quilts and the quilters by properly showing them. If you have questions about any quilt, please call or write to us.

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  • Spectacular! C Jean Horst based the coloring of this quilt on one of her antique Amish quilts. With over 7500 patchwork pieces and more than 40 fabrics this is one very special Amish quilt. The patchwork pieces are tiny one inch squares (smaller than many postage stamps!). This quilt was made here in Lancaster by an Amish woman.
  • Brilliant Amish coloring with classic 3D design. Very well made by local Amish woman. All cotton fabrics and old-fashion thin batting. Navy border with Burgundy corners and forest green sash.
  • Classic bright rendition of Lone Star design. Tan fill around star is called paper bag by the Amish. Note the fine patchwork piecing and quilting. Forest Green border with Navy corners, and Burgundy sash. Made here in Lancaster by an Amish woman.
  • Superb Amish quilt! Hannah selected the fabrics and one of her best Amish quilters made it. Note the abundance of quilting, fine stitching and precise piecework. This quilt really shines. The border is Navy blue with Burgundy corners. Made for a full to queen size bed but may be used sideways on a king size bed with pillow shams.
  • Brilliant! Colonial blue sash and diamond border, diamond is Burgundy, Border is Navy blue with Burgundy in corners. Quilted with black thread making the fine abundant quilting in white area surrounding the diamond standout. The quilting is extraordinary — maybe the best that we have seen. Well made in Lancaster by an Amish woman who has included her initials in the quilting. Given the quilting a super value!
  • Lovely coloring! Note the care taken in piecing the patchwork. Brilliant design. Be sure to note all the fine quilting. Made in Lancaster by an Amish woman. This quilt is symmetric and may be used sideways on a king size bed. Exceptional value!
  • Fantastic quilt based on a quilt in Lancaster renowned Esprit collection of antique quilts. Very distinctive coloring — note the dark green background fabric and vibrant coloring surrounding the nine patches. Feature an abundance of interesting and excellent quilting. Will be an heirloom again!!
  • Stunning! An amazing bright eye popping quilt with Amish colors AND a traditional design. Very well pieced, excellent fabric selections. Made by an Amish woman here in Lancaster. Note the outstanding quilting
  • A reproduction of an antique Lancaster Amish quilt with fabrics selected by C Jean Horst. We love the way the Sunshine and Shadow quilts glisten and with these fabrics this quilt is incandescent! Very well made by Lancaster Amish woman.
  • Wonderful bright Amish design. Very well made with especially nice color selections. The sash is forest green, the border black with Burgundy corner squares. All cotton fabrics and traditional thin batting. Made by local Amish woman who has included her initials in the quilting.
  • Very subdued traditional Amish coloring with classic design. Very well made by local Amish woman. All cotton fabrics and old-fashion thin batting. Hunter green border with Burgundy corners and black sash.
  • This quilt was made by an Amish woman who uses remnants from her family clothing projects to make her quilts. As a consequence the fabrics are high quality cotton polyester blends. Nicely made, bright coloring. The original Amish quilt design!
  • Our favorite design for an Amish colored quilt. Especially attractive coloring — guaranteed to take away those winter blahs!! Well pieced and quilted, will be cherished for generations. Borders are navy blue with Burgundy corners.
  • Wow, isn’t this a brilliant quilt! This design is also called Sunshine and Shadow and Color Splash. Very good piecework and quilting. Made by Lancaster County Amish woman. This quilt is symmetric and may be used sideways on a king-size bed.
  • Brilliant Lone Star on light-tan (paper bag colored) background. Border is Forest Green with Burgundy squares in the corners. The sash is dark blue. Note the extra stars on the pillow fold. Made in Lancaster by Amish woman ( who has subtly included her initials in the corner quilting).
  • Razor sharp, brilliant design, it is easy to understand why it is Granny’s favorite. Note the postage stamp size patchwork pieces, the abundance of quilting, as well as the very fine stitching. The maroon border nicely complements the shades of red in the patchwork. The pillow fold is exceptionally well done with extra quilting and its own attractive patchwork stars.
  • Special order for a quilt very similar to hs 7155. Am changing fabric #1 on dark side of patch to a fabric very similar, also fabric on light side to fabric that was sent via email for approval. Also changed the solid red to the burgundy red. hoping to have quilt finished in less than 3 month.
  • Special order for this quilt and I am suggesting it will be 2 months for the order to be finished, but am thinking in reality it will probably only be 6 weeks. The quilt top was sent off today to be quilted.