Applique Patchwork Combos


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  • A bold, striking, sharp Lone Star. Very attractive interesting fabric selections. Note the careful piecing and nice quilting. Border is in a soft fine print with very attractive quilting design. Made in Lancaster by a Mennonite woman. Quilting done by a Amish woman in her home.
  • What a lovely blue and green with a soft yellow color combination. A beautiful quilt in the Lone Star and Log Cabin design! Note the careful piecing and nice fine quilting stitches. The background fabric is a cream tone on tone cotton print. Made in Lancaster by a Mennonite woman. The quilting was done by a Amish woman in her home. A very beautiful quilt !
  • A Lone Star with floral features. A lovely combinations of two favorite quilts the Log Cabin and the Lone Star combined in one. Very lovely fabric selections coloring. Navy and burgundy has been a favorite color ever since the 70’s when the quilts became popular for decorating in colors and not just for warmth. . Fabric selection and piecing done by a Mennonite woman, but beautiful quilting done by a Amish woman in her home,
  • Almost a Postage Stamp quilt, a original postage stamp has a finished 1 1/2 in. square, where this has a 2in. finished square. A bright quilt with remnants from many colorful quilts. Features fabrics that are current and from years gone by. This quilt has almost 4,000 small squares in it . Precisely pieced by a Amish widow lady and quilted by another Amish woman. Border consists of deep burgundy, followed by soft tone on tone and finished with a dark navy print.
  • Hoping to be completed in 6 weeks to 2 months. Deposit of 00. I sent off top today to be quilted.
  • this quilt is ready to order and is same as hs 6863
  • King Size Quilt with 2 different fabrics picked by Customer Susan Whatley. Size is not confirmed, want to see quilt top with just patches and will then decide on finished size. Quilt.. 75. extra for King25. special order $ 50.
  • This quilt is the quilt that you ordered in the King Size 119×119. It is finished and ready for shipping. Follow the on-line steps to use your credit card info. Please call me at 610-273-3211 if any questions or problems in processing the credit card info.