Applique Quilts

At times, we think that our Amish quilters put all their dreams of a less “plain” life into their gorgeous and often flamboyant appliqued quilts. Even after looking closely at hundreds of Lancaster applique quilts we continue to be amazed by the freshness of design and coloring we see in new quilts. We also see a great diversity in quality of applique quilts and limit ourselves to showing and offering only top quality very well made quilts.

Many of the quilts shown here are marked indicating that they are “available now” for shipment –we are usually able to ship quilts so marked no later than the next business day. Other quilts shown have been sold, but often we are able to find a very similar well-made quilt that can be shipped quickly. Alternatively we can arrange for a similar quilt to be custom made.

Take your time looking through our appliqué gallery, there is a lot to see. We try to show respects for the quilts and the quilters by properly showing them. If you have questions about any quilt, please call or write to us.

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  • A bright happy quilt that says I love you! Excellent applique work and fine stitching. Background is a solid pure white cotton fabric. Made in Lancaster by an Amish woman.
  • Wow! Super original design by C Jean Horst. Look at the shape of the rose buds and the orchids. Also note the care taken in the use of the lace framing the center design and around the border, and the abundance of quilting in the center of the quilt. Signed in embroidery and dated by its designer C Jean Horst. Quilted with care by an Amish woman. Copyright pattern — directions are unavailable.
  • Stunning bouquets of purple and yellow iris! Fantastic fabric selection and excellent applique work. Also note the abundance of fine quilting and the interesting flowers and bows worked into the quilting surrounding the center bouquet. Made by a local Amish woman in her home.
  • Look at those flowers! Big and gorgeous appliqued quilts with fantastic border and an abundance of quilting. Note the use of the floral Remembrance fabrics. Background fabric is cream white cotton muslin. Very well made by Lancaster Amish woman.
  • Elegant!! Another C Jean Horst original pattern design. One of the most attractive quilts that we have seen. The design, the fabric selections, the care taken with the applique work, the abundance of quilting and the very straight uniform stitching are all extraordinary. Will become an heirloom! From Lancaster County. Quilted by a very skilled Amish woman, and signed and dated by Lancaster’s renowned quilt designer, C Jean Horst. Copyright pattern — directions unavailable.
  • An alluring bouquet of yellow to gold tone appliqued daisies and hearts with seafoam green leaves. Elegant large quilted heart surrounds the tasteful heart shaped applique bouquet in the quilt center. Note the fine applique work on the borders. Sophisticated and subtle fabrics — classy not flashy!
  • This quilt has it all, every color in the rainbow, sharp patchwork and smooth applique work. The prints are stunning, many with tie-dye effect. The Sunshine and Shadow design provides a wonderful frame work for showing off all 18 prints! The applique work is perfectly executed, note the appliqued hearts on the border. The stitching is very good. A wonderful quilt that will light up any room. Signed and dated by its maker.
  • Hannah says that to make an attractive pastel quilt, it is necessary to include a few bright spots with more fully saturated color. She did that in designing this beautiful cool summer quilt. Made by one of Hannah’s better quilters, the piecework and the stitching is good. This quilt is symmetric and may be used sideways.
  • A nice rendition of a Baltimore style applique quilt. Excellent applique work, good quilting, and very pleasing fabric selection. Pillow-fold has extra applique work. Background fabric is pure white.