Patchwork Quilts

It is hard to imagine that patchwork quilts could be so wondrously varied in design and coloring as they are here in Lancaster. While some traditional Amish designs are made to be reproductions of 18th and 19th Century quilts, most quilts are created with goal of being more lovely than what was made before. Consequently there are many differing and unique renditions of even the most traditional patchwork patterns.

Many of the quilts shown here are marked indicating that they are “available now” for shipment –we are usually able to ship quilts so marked no later than the next business day. Other quilts shown have been sold, but often we are able to find a very similar well-made quilt that can be shipped quickly. Alternatively we can arrange for a similar quilt to be custom made.

Take your time looking through our galleries, there is a lot to see. We try to show respects for the quilts and the quilters by properly showing them.

Showing 1801–1812 of 1812 results

  • Bargello patchwork is enchating but also very hard to do well. The Lancaster Amish woman who made this quilt did very well indeed! Lovely fabrics and fine quilting as well.
  • Fabric selections are the key to an outstanding Color Splash (Trip Around the World) quilt. C Jean Horst demonstrates her skill in finding just the right fabrics for this terrific quilt. Well made by an Amish woman here in Lancaster County. Note the fine patchwork piecing and quilting
  • Great design by Judy Martin combining 8 point stars and log cabin design. Charming fabric selections. Well made by Lancaster Amish woman in her home. Pattern available in Scrap Quilts by Judy Martin.
  • Popular Mariner Compass design with exceptionally striking border treatment. This design demands and this quilt delivers very precise and sharp piecing. Look closely at the amazing printed fabrics! Made in Lancaster by an Amish woman.
  • Terrific design in strong colors! Note the great fabric selections and the care taken with the patchwork piecing. The border treatment is also very well done. Made by an Amish woman in Lancaster.
  • Wow! Look at the wonderful fabrics. A delightful brilliant quilt that will infuse any bedroom with vitality. Very well made with excellent patchwork piecing and lots of fine interesting quilting. Made in Lancaster by an Amish woman.
  • A quieter softer version of the sharp Mariners Compass/Medallion design. Excellent piecework and note the clever use of nautical themes in the quilting. Made here by an Amish woman.
  • Sharp! Excellent coloring, great rendition of classic log cabin design. The Granny Star border is especially nice. Well made by a Lancaster Amish woman. Checkout the fine quilting and the careful piecing.
  • Dahlia quilts like this one are very popular here in Lancaster. This quilt with its sophisticated peach and dark green coloring is especially nice. Note, the fine floral print and the beige lattice floral background print. Made by an Amish Lancaster County woman.
  • Wonderfully subtle and sophisticated coloring. A lovely cool summer quilt with light weight batting as well as the very quiet coloring. Note the rich white on white background print. Both the patchwork piecing and the quilting were well done by the local Amish woman who made it.
  • A quiet quit! Classic patchwork with terrific quilting. Wonderful fabrics selected by C Jean Horst. Note the care taken in the piecing and quilting. Signed and dated by C Jean Horst. This quilt is symmetric and may be used sideways on a king size bed.
  • Spectacular fabrics selected by Hannah make this quilt very special. The patchwork piecing for Bargello quilts is especially difficult, note how well this quilt was pieced by its Lancaster Amish woman maker. In addition, also take a close look at the detail shots showing how well the individual fabrics play against each other. The border fabrics are extraordinary.