Patchwork Quilts

It is hard to imagine that patchwork quilts could be so wondrously varied in design and coloring as they are here in Lancaster. While some traditional Amish designs are made to be reproductions of 18th and 19th Century quilts, most quilts are created with goal of being more lovely than what was made before. Consequently there are many differing and unique renditions of even the most traditional patchwork patterns.

Many of the quilts shown here are marked indicating that they are “available now” for shipment –we are usually able to ship quilts so marked no later than the next business day. Other quilts shown have been sold, but often we are able to find a very similar well-made quilt that can be shipped quickly. Alternatively we can arrange for a similar quilt to be custom made.

Take your time looking through our galleries, there is a lot to see. We try to show respects for the quilts and the quilters by properly showing them.

Showing 1841–1860 of 1876 results

  • Sumptuous coloring, note the two complementary rich beige prints used as background and the sophisticated prints used on the border. Excellent piecework and nice quilting. Made in Lancaster by an Amish woman.
  • Pastel without the pink! Nice combination of patchwork and quilted blocks. Note the interesting prints selected by Hannah. Right size for full or twin bed. Background fabric is bleached cotton muslin. Made in Lancaster by an Amish woman.
  • Luscious fabrics and a lively design make this quilt a knock-out! Note the gorgeous beige background print and the care taken in selecting the complementary prints in the spinning star. Lots of quilting, fine stitching, and excellent piecework. Made by Lancaster Amish woman.
  • Fantastic fabric selections, especially note the tapestry prints. One of the best Color-splash Quilts that we have seen. Carefully made by Amish woman with excellent piecework and fine stitching.. This quilt is symmetric and may be used sideways on a king size bed.
  • A bold, striking, sharp Lone Star. Very attractive warm autumn coloring. Note the careful piecing and fine quilting. Made in Lancaster by Amish woman.
  • Another wonderful and almost regal quilt by Lancaster’s renowned designer C Jean Horst. Note the extraordinary aqua blue highlights. This design is also call Trip Around the World, and Sunshine and Shadow. Well made with excellent piecework and straight uniform stitching. Signed and dated by Jean. This quilt is symmetric and may be used sideways on king-size bed.
  • Spectacular color combination and a classic design. Note antique white on antique white background print. Well made with excellent piecework and fine stitching by a local Amish woman. This quilt is symmetric and may be used sideways on a king-size bed.
  • Wow! What extraordinary fabrics! Classic design in black and gold with touches of burgundy-rose. Note the richness of the background fabrics, and lovely complementing print covering the quilt back. Well made by local Amish woman. This quilt is symmetrical and may be used sideways on a king-size bed.
  • Quiet Elegance! Very sophisticated fabric selections, note how the blue fabrics pull-out the variety of sage green tones. This design is also often called Trip Around the World, or Sunshine and Shadow. We especially like the border print. Excellent piecework and nice uniform stitching. Quilted by an Amish woman. Signed and dated by Lancaster’s renowned quilt designer C Jean Horst. This quilt is symmetric and may be used sideway on a king-size bed.
  • Lovely fabrics in forest green and with touches of rosey ripe peach makes this quilt a stand out! Note rich white on white print surrounding the star. Fine piecework and quilting. Made in Lancaster by Amish woman who has included her initials in the quilting.
  • Cool! An apparently simple design that belies the complexity of the very well executed patchwork, and fantastic fabric selection. This quilt will air condition your bedroom all summer and light it up all winter. Note that the background fabric is a white on white print, and the very tiny quilting stitches that are almost invisible. Also note that is quilt is symmetric and may be used sideways on a king size bed. It was made by a local Amish woman.
  • Wow! Bargello quilts are both hard to design and to make. This is one of the best we have seen. The fabrics are truly terrific, several have the look of hieroglyphics. Bright, but muted. Well made. Its local Amish maker has placed her initials and date in the quilting in the lower left corner of the quilt.
  • Super patchwork design with fantastic fabrics. Note the interesting placement of the stars. Carefully pieced and quilted. Extra heavy batting. This quilt is symmetric and may be used sideways on a king size bed.
  • Wonderful fabric selections make this quilt stand out! Note the variety of prints used for the off-white background. Very precise piecework, fine stitching, and extra heavy batting. This quilt is symmetrical and may be placed sideways on a King size bed.
  • Cosmic! Super Novas, Exploding Stars! Looking closer we can see it is only “fans”, “stars”, and “log cabin” block patterns combined with out of this world fabric selections. Note the rich white-on-white print used for the background and the abundance of attractive quilting. Very special!!
  • Cool, quiet and bright! Fans are a good test of the quiltmaker’s skill, the Amish woman that made this quilt deserves an A+. Note the wonderful fabric selection (especially the off-white on white print). Perfect piecework, and excellent stitching. Made in Lancaster.
  • Wow! A very spirited design with fabrics similar to those that were popular during the Civil War. A special very unusual quilt. Signed and dated (with ink) by its Amish maker . This quilt is symmetric and may be used sideways on a King size bed.
  • Exquisite fabric selection makes this “Trip Around the World” standout. “Trip Around the World” is the Mennonite name for this pattern, it is also called “Sunshine and Shadow”, “Color Splash” and (if the patchwork pieces are very small) “Postage Stamp”. This quilt is well constructed with excellent patchwork piecing and very good quilting stitches. Note that this quilt is symmetric, and may be used sideways on a king size bed.
  • A refined classic quilt — Brick red highlights, with beige prints, the borders and center fill is a white on cream white print. Incorporates the two most popular quilt designs. Excellent piecework, very nice quilting.
  • The extensive use of plaid fabrics in its patchwork squares softens and refines this appealing quilt. (But note, that to add vitality, the plaid patchwork pieces are just slightly out of alignment with the patchwork pattern). Great fabric selections with lots of contrasting colors and shades. The patchwork is made up of over 3000 pieces and over two dozen different prints! Well constructed.