Dahlia Table Top

A Quilt by Ruth Flaud
Dimensions: 35 inches wide by 35 inches long
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A beautiful Table Top for your Dining Room table or could be used for a wall decor. This has beautiful vibrant prints and was pieced and also quilted by Barbara Lapp from Lancaster Co.

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  • Lovely little quilt intended to be used as table runner. Table runner made in the Double Wedding Ring design. Great fabrics for the fall, harvest! Nicely made by local Mennonite woman.
  • Stunning!! A beautiful Table Top in a lovely Star design. This is a perfectly round center piece. Each piece of fabric has to perfectly match to get the perfect design. A beautiful piece of quilting art. Made by a Mennonite Lady in Lancaster Co.
  • Beautiful fall colors featuring a "bouquet of fall" etched in a fine lines of gold to make this table top a stunning accent piece for your table. The pattern and design comes from the center of a Dahlia quilt. It is pieced and hand quilted by a local Mennonite lady, Barbara Lapp in her home. A lovely piece for your dining room table or could be used for a wall piece.