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People from all over the world come to Lancaster Pennsylvania to purchase quilts made by Amish and Mennonite women. These Amish quilts with roots in many cultures are viewed today as quintessentially American. Most first time visitors are taken aback by the great variety of design and coloring, as well as the intricacy of quilts on display.

Not so obvious is the special way these quilts are produced. At a time when practically every textile product sold in America is made in Asia, these Amish quilts are made one at a time in people’s American homes. What’s more, these quilts are made using just the technology that was in common use 150 years ago. Because of the extensive handwork most women only take part in producing a couple of quilts each year.

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  • Cool, quiet and bright! Fans are a good test of the quiltmaker’s skill, the Amish woman that made this quilt deserves an A+. Note the wonderful fabric selection (especially the off-white on white print). Perfect piecework, and excellent stitching. Made in Lancaster.
  • Incandescent! The purples, blues, reds and greens shine against the exceptionally heavily quilted background. Very good piecework and stitching. Signed and dated (with running stitches) by its Amish maker.
  • Exquisite fabric selection makes this “Trip Around the World” standout. “Trip Around the World” is the Mennonite name for this pattern, it is also called “Sunshine and Shadow”, “Color Splash” and (if the patchwork pieces are very small) “Postage Stamp”. This quilt is well constructed with excellent patchwork piecing and very good quilting stitches. Note that this quilt is symmetric, and may be used sideways on a king size bed.
  • A refined classic quilt — Brick red highlights, with beige prints, the borders and center fill is a white on cream white print. Incorporates the two most popular quilt designs. Excellent piecework, very nice quilting.
  • An alluring bouquet of yellow to gold tone appliqued daisies and hearts with seafoam green leaves. Elegant large quilted heart surrounds the tasteful heart shaped applique bouquet in the quilt center. Note the fine applique work on the borders. Sophisticated and subtle fabrics — classy not flashy!
  • Wow! Look at the fabrics selected for this stunning quilt. Note the finer than usual patchwork pieces as well as the care taken in assembling the patchwork. Lots of nice quilting in the open space surrounding the star. The applique work on the pillow fold is also excellent. Singed and dated by its maker.
  • This quilt has it all, every color in the rainbow, sharp patchwork and smooth applique work. The prints are stunning, many with tie-dye effect. The Sunshine and Shadow design provides a wonderful frame work for showing off all 18 prints! The applique work is perfectly executed, note the appliqued hearts on the border. The stitching is very good. A wonderful quilt that will light up any room. Signed and dated by its maker.
  • The extensive use of plaid fabrics in its patchwork squares softens and refines this appealing quilt. (But note, that to add vitality, the plaid patchwork pieces are just slightly out of alignment with the patchwork pattern). Great fabric selections with lots of contrasting colors and shades. The patchwork is made up of over 3000 pieces and over two dozen different prints! Well constructed.
  • Nothing boring about this eclectic quilt with its vibrant red, blue and yellow prints. Look at the fabrics used on the cabin on the pillow fold! The applique work on the border is also extraordinary. Well pieced, lots of quilting and nicely stitched. The off white background is a traditional cotton muslin. Hannah found this new quilt on auction for the benefit of a local firehouse. It is signed and dated by its maker.
  • Razor sharp! Terrific fabrics in shades of blue (from almost pastel to navy) and shades of brick red. Look at the blocks that are filled with expanses of excellent quilting. Also note the unusual “saw-tooth” border. Well constructed as well as well designed. This quilt is symmetrical and may be used sideways on a king size bed.
  • Hannah says that to make an attractive pastel quilt, it is necessary to include a few bright spots with more fully saturated color. She did that in designing this beautiful cool summer quilt. Made by one of Hannah’s better quilters, the piecework and the stitching is good. This quilt is symmetric and may be used sideways.
  • A nice rendition of a Baltimore style applique quilt. Excellent applique work, good quilting, and very pleasing fabric selection. Pillow-fold has extra applique work. Background fabric is pure white.
  • Great colors — mauves and subtle greens (teals and very black forest green). The sharp edges of the leaves contrast nicely with the right angles of the Log Cabin blocks. The extensive use of the printed antique white background fabric, and the dark floral border print, further softens the strong symmetry of the Log Cabin. Excellent piecework. Uniform stitching. This quilt is not intended for sideways use on a King size bed.
  • Wow!! Almost 5000 patchwork square have been carefully sewn together to make this quilt. The Sunshine and Shadow design “hides” an 8 Point Star. Great fabric selection — super transitions from blues to greens to reds, fully saturated prints to pastel prints are skillfully incorporated. Quilting is hidden in the seams to let the patchwork shine. Special extension of pattern placed on the pillow-fold. Do not use this quilt sideways.
  • An attractive rendition of an old Amish block pattern. The white on off-white print background softens the bright colors of the fabrics used in the fan to the extent that they almost look pastel. Good piecework and stitching. Nicely scalloped border on three sides. This quilt can not be used sideways.
  • The combination of a very clean design by Judy Martin and interesting quilting makes this quilt special. Note how well the tulip block pattern is integrated with the lone star. Also note the extensive use of tulips along the borders. The selection of fabrics is very good — sometimes earth-tones come across as “muddy”, but not here! This quilt was designed so that it could be used sideways on a king-size bed. Pattern available in Shining Star Quilts by Judy Martin.
  • The simple Garden Shadow pattern is a pleasant foil to the extravagant amount of quilting applied to this quilt. Note how the blues and reds in the large floral print are picked up in the other fabrics. Also note how both patterns and shade of each fabric contribute to the “shadows”. Nicely constructed, good piecework and stitching.
  • A bold, striking, sharp Lone Star. Very attractive interesting fabric selections. Note the careful piecing and nice quilting. Border is in a soft fine print with very attractive quilting design. Made in Lancaster by a Mennonite woman. Quilting done by a Amish woman in her home.
  • A bright quilt with remnants from many colorful quilts. Features fabrics that are current and from years gone by. This quilt has almost 4,000 small squares in it . Precisely pieced by a Amish widow lady and quilted by another Amish woman. Border consists of deep burgundy, followed by soft tone on tone and finished with a deep blue print.
  • A Lone Star with floral features. A lovely combinations of two favorite quilts the Log Cabin and the Lone Star combined in one. Very lovely fabric selections coloring. Navy and burgundy has been a favorite color ever since the 70’s when the quilts became popular for decorating in colors and not just for warmth. . Fabric selection and piecing done by a Mennonite woman, but beautiful quilting done by a Amish woman in her home,
  • King Size Quilt with 2 different fabrics picked by Customer Susan Whatley. Size is not confirmed, want to see quilt top with just patches and will then decide on finished size. Quilt.. 75. extra for King25. special order $ 50.
  • Special order for a quilt very similar to hs 7155. Am changing fabric #1 on dark side of patch to a fabric very similar, also fabric on light side to fabric that was sent via email for approval. Also changed the solid red to the burgundy red. hoping to have quilt finished in less than 3 month.
  • this quilt is ready to order and is same as hs 6863
  • This quilt is the quilt that you ordered in the King Size 119×119. It is finished and ready for shipping. Follow the on-line steps to use your credit card info. Please call me at 610-273-3211 if any questions or problems in processing the credit card info.
  • This special order for quilt listed above is very similar to hs7128. The top is pieced and ready to be quilted and hopefully will be completed in about 6 weeks. The quilt is listed for 75. for a special order quilt we will be adding a additional 0. so total is 25. + sh. I would appreciate a down payment of 00. Just fill in the order sheet and I will confirm the transaction to you .
  • This special order is for a postage stamp quilt similar to hs7878. The size is for a throw size and will aim for 52″wide and 102″long. You have requested for a red print border but will also do a narrow 2″ off white against main quilt. I am asking for a 00. dep. and then outstanding due on completion of quilt.
  • What a lovely blue and green with a soft yellow color combination. A beautiful quilt in the Lone Star and Log Cabin design! Note the careful piecing and nice fine quilting stitches. The background fabric is a cream tone on tone cotton print. Made in Lancaster by a Mennonite woman. The quilting was done by a Amish woman in her home. A very beautiful quilt !
  • A beautiful table runner in Christmas colors. Lovely little quilt intended to be used as table runner. Very pretty fabrics! Nicely made by local Mennonite woman.