Bed Quilts

Our cozy handmade quilts will warm and bring the sun back into your home. They also make great gifts any time of the year, and will bring years of delight to the lucky recipient. Take a look at our latest additions.

Quilts made in Lancaster reflect the diversity of culture and the comfortable lifestyles of the peoples that have settled here. Lancaster’s verdant beauty and highly productive farmland gave its settlers the inspiration as well as the time and money to engage in the creation of amazing quilts.

Handmade bed quilts made in Lancaster today, build on its traditions — most quilters adapt patterns seen in 18th and 19th Century Lancaster County quilts. However, there isn’t a drive here to simply replicate Great Grandmother Zook’s best quilts. Instead, Lancaster’s current generation of quilters are striving to outdo their grandmothers and create even more amazing quilts. The low cost, high quality, and multitude of printed fabrics give these modern quilters a palette their grandmothers could not imagine.

Early quilts were made for personal use, often in response to a birth or a wedding. As a matter of pride and respect, these quilts were made to very high standards at a time when most women were already very proficient with a needle and thread. Some of Lancaster’s quilters today match their forebears in stitching and attention to detail, even in quilts that they make for others.

High quality Lancaster handmade quilts more than hold their value. Well cared for Lancaster quilts, similar to the ones offered here, that were made 25 years ago typically sell at auction for twice their purchase price.

The beauty and visual impact of the bed quilts we offer cannot, of course, be completely captured in a photograph or even a series of photographs — but we do our best to give you a good look! Folks who have bought our quilts tell us that they look even better on their beds than on their computer screens.

If you see a quilt that you love, but it is the wrong size — please contact us . We can check to see if a similar well-made quilt in the right size is available. We can also arrange for a quilt to be custom made.

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