Embroidered Quilts

Embroidered quilts are amazing and rare. Think about the time to stitch such a huge design and then there is still all the quilting stitching! Few women here are willing to take on such a task for love or money, but a couple will. But when they are made they are striking — the designs can be bold, but embroidery makes the result soft. The look is often similar to a tapistry. We are very careful to show and offer only top quality very well made quilts.

Occasionally, some of the quilts shown here are marked indicating that they are “available now” for shipment –we are usually able to ship quilts so marked no later than the next business day. Other quilts shown have been sold, but we can arrange for a similar quilt to be custom made.

Take your time looking through this little gallery, while there are only a few quilts there is still a lot to see. We try to show respect for the quilts and the quilters by properly showing them. If you have questions about any quilt, please call or write to us.

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